The EU program “Europe for Citizens” aims to bring Europe closer to its citizens by stimulating the debate on topical issues of the European Union at local, regional and international level.

Project Partners

ACTA Center – Romania - Lead partner

Vocal Europe – Belgium

Cooperazione Paesi Emergenti – Italy

Instituto Marques de Valle Flor – Portugal

Terraforming – Serbia

Project Goals, Activities And Impact

The project intend to bring an impact on the EU Agenda on migration and integration, targeting young beneficiaries, with a direct engagement of stakeholders and policy makers.

Through this project we aim to support EU citizenship principles, and to contribute to the civic and democratic participation at EU level, reaffirming values of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and combating stereotypes, against minorities in general, and in particular about migrations, migrants and refugees.

We will also be looking at the historical and current times of crises, our experiences when we were refugees and migrants, and when we were the host nations to other refugee groups.



25 local workshops (5 in each partnering country).

25 videos created around the workshops.

3 international webinars.

Final conference in Brussels.

18 monthly newsletters.

The project activities are mostly directed at young adults, decision makers and other stakeholders from partner countries. The tasks envisage to raise awareness of EU policy-making processes, and to boost opportunities for social and intercultural participation and volunteering.

During the project, we will collaborate with our beneficiaries using an axis-based approach: thesis, antithesis and synthesis, and prepare a recommendation paper that will be presented to the EU decision makers during the final conference in Brussels at the end of the project.

Thesis Lab I - Online workshop

As part of the Project TAS Thesis Antithesis Synthesis Migration Labs, which is funded by Europe for Citizens Program of the European Union the workshop will be the first session of Migration Labs and will address the previous and current situation of migration challenges to migrants and policymakers.

  • There will be presentations about the new perspectives on migration, what are its contributions to the development of multiculturalism, the advantages and possible disadvantages associated with the migration process over time. Will be followed by an interactive workshop that focuses on personal and group attitudes towards today's migrants, expectations and responsibilities about migration.

Do you find the above topics are interesting for you? Do you want to enrich your volunteering experience with relevant and engaging activity in a large-scale European Commission project?

  • In addition to receiving a certificate, the participants receive a number of benefits, including the opportunity to participate as part of the Romanian team in the final project conference in Brussels, when we present the results of European parliamentarians and EU decision-makers on migration.

We would be delighted if you accept this invitation and we look forward to hearing from you shortly. We remain at your disposal for any further information.

This workshop will take place via Zoom.

  • Once registered, you will receive instructions on how to join this event in an email confirmation and a reminder before the event starts.