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About us

The European Center ACTA was established in 2012 in order to promote educational activities, to develop the professional and social skills of young people in order to adapt and integrate them effectively in a dynamic society.

ACTA Center was established as a bridge between youth training and the labor market and consists of a group of people with experience in educational activities and who are motivated by the increase of innovative perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches in education.

The common feature of our projects and programs is to find new and quality solutions that we adapt to the needs of the target groups:

  • professional and social integration of young people in order to offer equal opportunities to the most disadvantaged groups
  • expanding and strengthening collaboration between schools, NGOs and other beneficiaries within the community
  • economic and civic growth of citizens through lifelong learning

We actively collaborate with other organizations at European, national and local level, with various actors and target groups, educational institutions, research centers, universities, private organizations, associations, companies, public authorities.